As a bioplastics specialist, we offer a broad portfolio of various bioplastics. Depending on the type, products guarantee a long service life or are biodegradable and disintegrate into naturally occurring, harmless starting products. Due to their diverse and tailor-made properties, our bioplastics have become firmly established in a wide range of applications: from agricultural applications to flexible bags and packaging solutions to electronic products or toys.
All our bioplastics are finished products that require no further modification. As a drop-in solution, they can be processed directly on existing equipment.
Products for a variety of flexible applications

Bio-Flex® is a biopolymers family of products suitable for flexible applications which can be converted using a wide variety of processing methods. All Bio-Flex® products are completely biodegradable and are based entirely or partially on natural raw materials. The main applications for Bio-Flex® include a wide selection of flexible film applications, such as agricultural, household and hygiene films.

Furthermore, it is possible to produce thermoformed articles and injection moulded products using Bio-Flex®. Bio-Flex® offers an alternative disposal route by means of the certified biodegradability / compostability. If required and where facilities exist it is possible to dispose of food together with its packaging.

Mulch films made from Bio-Flex® do not need to be collected after harvest as they can be ploughed in easily along with the remaining plant material. Compostable bags and shoppers made from Bio-Flex® offer a double product benefit: The water originating from food waste remains inside the waste bag due to its outstanding stability in the presence of moisture. The waste bin therefore stays clean and dry and the classic problem of paper bags is prevented. Secondly, compostable waste bags make a valuable contribution to resource conservation. The simple and hygienic collection and disposal of food waste will help to increase bio-waste volumes and close the natural compost cycle. The resulting compost can be used as valuable fertilizer, for example, in agriculture.

Advantages of Bio-Flex® at a glance
  • Based on renewable resources
  • Certified biodegradable and compostable according to EN 13432 and ASTM D 6400 (depending on grade)
  • Certified home compostable grades available (OK Compost HOME certificate by Vinçotte)
  • Can be processed on existing equipment without adjustments (Drop-In Solution)
  • Recyclable (in-house, e.g. production waste)
  • Food approved to EC Directives and FDA (depending on grade)
Biobased polyethylene compounds for extrusion and injection moulding

Terralene® is a tailor-made family of polyethylene compounds based on renewable raw materials. All Terralene® grades are based on sugar cane as a raw material thus making a valuable contribution to the conservation of fossil resources. Due to the durability of Terralene®, it is possible to produce items which are designed for a long service life. The material can be processed on existing production equipment without any adjustments.

After use, Terralene® products can be placed back into existing polyethylene recycling streams without any detriment to the recyclate. Terralene® supports our customers in achieving their sustainability goals economically.

A major application for Terralene® is for flexible packaging in the food sector. As a result of the barrier properties of Terralene®, for the firrst time, moisture and oxygen sensitive products can be packaged in bio- plastics thus providing a longer shelf life for the product. Even sophisticated “vertical form ll and seal” (VFFS) applications can be achieved due to the high toughness and sealing strength of Terralene® films.

Terralene® offers a high barrier and has outstanding chemical resistance. In addition to food, cosmetics and cleaning products can now be packaged. These have a stability in storage which is comparable to conventional polyethylene packaging.

Advantages of Terralene® at a glance
  • Diversified portfolio of extrusion, blow moulding and injection grades
  • High percentage of renewable raw materials
  • Can be processed on existing equipment
  • Good barrier properties
  • Fully recyclable
  • Conservation of fossil resources
Wood Plastic Composites for injection moulding and extrusion

If you like the convenience and freedom for the design and processing of plastics, but are looking for a natural wood appearance, then Fibrolon® is the ideal solution. It looks like wood, but can be processed like plastic on existing equipment.

Fibrolon® is a fantastic combination of plastic and wood, which are two very commonly used materials.

The high quality of the surface and wood structure gives components made from Fibrolon® a unique charm and character.

It looks like wood and feels like wood, but unlike wood itself, Fibrolon® can also be processed into complex structures and design elements.

Conventional plastics, such as polypropylene (PP) as well as bio-based and biodegradable plastics can be used as the polymer base. The proportion of renewable raw materials used can be adapted to customer requirements. In addition, biodegradable types (according to EN 13432) are available.

Advantages of Fibrolon® at a glance
  • High percentage of renewable raw materials
  • Biodegradable types available
  • High strength and stiffness
  • Can be processed on existing equipment
  • Attractive wood surface
  • Sustainability made visible
  • Food Approved to EC Directives and FDA (depending on grade)
  • Suitable for toys (EN 71-3)
Products for a variety of durable applications

Biograde® is a family of bioplastic products based on cellulose acetate for injection moulding, sheet and pro- le extrusion. Plant-based cellulose, the base for the production of cellulose acetate, is the most easily accessible and renewable resource on the planet. Biograde® is predominantly a renewable and fully biodegradable material alternative for rigid applications. In addition Biograde® was awarded the Innovation Prize “Biomaterial of the Year 2008”.

The main applications for Biograde® are for a range of technical parts. As a result of its scratch-resistant and wear resistant surface, it is also suitable for the production of highly stressed casings.

The high heat resistance also meets the requirements for safety in use of the electronics and household articles industry.

Biograde® does not contain any harmful plasticizer and is certified BPA-free. Furthermore, Biograde® has been successfully tested and certified according to the EN 71-3 standard.

Advantages of Biograde® at a glance
  • Based on renewable raw materials
  • Certified biodegradable and compostable according to EN 13432 and ASTM D 6400 (depending on grade)
  • Properties similar to standard thermoplastics (e.g. ABS, PS)
  • High heat resistance meeting UL 94 HB standard requirements
  • Processable on standard production equipment
  • Recyclable (in-house, e.g. sprues or scrap)
  • Food Approved to EC Directives and FDA (depending on grade)
  • Suitable for toys (EN 71-3)